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Clicking this link will open a music player in a new small browser window.
This player will continue playing in the background as you browse the site.
You will need to close it when you have finished browsing.
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Tip: How to insert Smilies
To add a smilie in your message simply click the one you would like at any time and it’s code will be inserted at the cursor.
The Shoutbox provides a simple but instant way for you to add a short general comment, or some feedback. Just enter your name in the box showing ‘name’ and your short message  in the box showing ‘message and press Send. Your message will appear almost immediately for you and other visitors to see.
A site that is using SSL and is therefore secure will show in two ways.
Firstly you should see a small padlock wp8cdc8031.png somewhere in your browser window. Maybe in the bottom status bar or at the top next to the address bar.
Secondly look at the address of the website.
For most websites you visit the address will look sometning like this site Notice it starts with http://
A secure site will always start with https:// Notice the extra ‘s’ that stands for SSL site.
You may only see these clues on the sites page where you actually enter confidential information.
Tip: How to tell if a site is using SSL
(and this applies to any web site)
Music Player
Several of the pages on this web site contain a music player like the one below.
The players will enable you to listen to selected samples of Paul’s music.

The player will continue only whilst you are on that page. If you browse to another page the player will stop.

If you would like to listen  uninterrupted whilst you browse the site, use the link on the home page to open a player in a new browser window.